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This is the home page for The Kenoly Family Project. We are a group of related families working together to research our roots and document the results for our descendants to share now and in the future.       "He who learns, teaches"
Family History African-American History
Family History
Anthony Kenoly is the root of the African-American Kenoly family. He was kidnapped off the African shores when he was about eighteen years old. Slave traders brought him to South Carolina, where he was sold to the Kenoly family. Having no English name, he was soon assigned the name of "Anthony Kenoly". He married Sarah and had 4 sons before his family was sold to different plantations in Alabama.
African-American History
The overwhelming majority of Americans of African ancestry are descendants of slaves forcibly brought to the New World during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Most of these slaves were from peoples living within 300 miles of the Atlantic coast between the Congo and Gambia rivers in East Africa. In addition, since the end of the Second World War, a significant number of people of African ancestry have emigrated to the U.S. from the Caribbean, where their ancestors were also slaves (primarily at the hands of the British, Dutch, and French).
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Family Reunions
Family reunions have been held each year for over 50 years. Read how they began and view the chronology of past reunions.
Family Tree
View the family tree. Find your branch. Traverse the tree forwards, backwards, and sideways.
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